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Freezers, refrigerators, coolers, etc. 

Replacement doors

USA Manufacturing cooler and freezer doors are so strong they will NEVER get out of square.

We use heavy gauge sub-metal and diamond aluminum surface metal on the door face AND the door jamb. All hinging is also constructed with heavy gauge metals. 

Cooler and freezer door 'replacement' is a large part of our services. Our doors can be found on MANY other manufacturer's in-place coolers and freezers, after THEIR doors failed after only a few years post installation.  


We also specialize in convience store glass door coolers, as well as custom designed walk-ins, pharmaceutical, critical temperature refrigeration, and many other refrigeration applications.


USA Manufacturing coolers and freezers standard metal is patterned galvalume, channel beaded on 6" centers. Panel perimeters are 4" x 4" high density urethane. This combination of our metals and perimeters creates the strongest panel possible. Other metals are offered with assorted finishes. 

These features and benefits, along with oversized Heatcraft refrigeration equipment, Styline commercial glass doors, the super-strength of our panels and doors, our commitment to high quality, and the added benefit that WE SELL DIRECTLY TO THE END USER, makes USA Manufacturing Coolers and Freezers, 'the best there is!' 

USA Manufacturing coolers and freezers are made in Tennessee and have been shipped to clients in Mississippi, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kanssas, Florida, Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Colorado...and will ship to any state.

Click here to contact us for more information about our products and see how we can help fit your business with the highest quality walk-in cooler and freezers on the market.

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